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 Ohaus Scales


ohause scale cs 200

Ohaus Price
Ohaus Price
OHaus Digital Scale CS-200 $109.38
OHaus Digital Scale CS-2000 $122.52
OHaus Scale #750 Model (No Tare Beam) $155.03
OHaus Scale #760 W/Tare Beam $213.37
Ohaus 100 gm Counterweight for Triple Beam $21.83
OHaus 1000 gm Counterweight $24.95
OHaus 500 gm Counterweight $12.35
OHaus 707 Weight Set(2@1000gm 1@500gm) $57.89
Ohaus Plastic Scoop only $19.49
OHaus plastic scoop w/ counter wgt. Set $26.81
OHaus Scoop Poly W/ Counterweight (Maxiscoop) $24.50
Ohaus Scoop Stainless Steel /W counterweight $40.81