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Past Workshops

Do you want to build a snowman? Pinchpot Workshop

November 30th    6:30-8:00
Learn how to make snowman rattles with pinchpots.  Add some carving, texture and designs for a very unique holiday snowman.   They will be fired and ready to pick up by Christmas.

25.00 a person

Adult snowball fight with wine  or BYOB.

Call or email to register!

Black Friday Kids Workshop


Need a FUN place for your child to go while you do your Christmas shopping ?


We will make LOTS of Christmas gifts with your child while you get those awesome Black Friday deals!

Wheel throwing, Ornaments, Glass pendants, Candle holders & more!
Ages 6 & up       $50.00 for a full day    $30.00 9:00-1:00 or 1:00-5:00

Kintsukuroi “Golden Repair” Workshop

November 17th     1:30-3:30

Broken Pots ? Learn how to mend pottery with gold.
Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or  platinum. The philosophy treats breakage and repair as part of the history of the object with the understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.  Bring your own pottery pieces otherwise we will have some available to break and mend.
Modern materials will be used.
Pieces will be decorative use only.
Ceramic knowledge isn’t neccessary.
Tuition: $25.00 a person
Call to Register !

Ceramic Decals

with Mary K Spencer

Saturday, November 4 10:00-2:30

Using images (photos or scanned drawings, prints, and already made decals) work on collaging onto a finish glazed piece of pottery. If you have a favorite photo or print bring it on a thumb drive and we can convert this into a black and white image to then print on ceramic decal paper. The decals are water slide, like a temp. tattoo, and placed onto the pottery piece. The piece is then fired a third time allowing the glaze to soften and marry the decal making a permanent image on the piece. It’s fun and more fun!!
$65.00 (Portland Pottery Students $45.00)

Portland Pottery Pumpkin Party!

Portland, ME

Saturday, October 21 • 11am – 12:30pm • $25

Learn how to make terracotta pumpkins with pinchpots. Add some carving, texture and designs for very unique fall pumpkins. They will be fired and ready to pick up by Halloween.
$ 25.00 a person
All are welcome to this spooktacular party!

Basic Kiln Repair & Operation KilnLink Monitoring System

with Mike Sievers of Skutt Kilns
Braintree, MA – Monday, October 9 • 4pm – 6pm • $30
Portland, ME – Tuesday, October 10 • 4pm – 6pm • $30

Join Portland Pottery and Skutt Kilns as we discuss how to operate, maintain, and repair your electric kiln. Learn more about Skutt’s new KilnLink Monitoring System that allows you to check the status of your kiln from anywhere you have internet access.

We will talk about features your kiln has that you may not even have known existed. Features that allow you to fuse glass, slow cool for interesting glaze effects, troubleshoot electrical problems and a lot more. Learn about the importance of pre-heating and hold times. Learn how to properly load your kiln so every piece comes out perfect. We will also discuss the importance of venting and how to set up your kiln room.

We will cover a few basic maintenance tips that can add years of life to your kiln. Learn how to properly kiln wash your shelves, tighten the bands, and significantly increase the life of your elements. Repair You will be surprised how easy it is to make basic repairs on your kiln. We will give hands on instruction on how to change a thermocouple, replace worn out elements and install new brick. Learn how to properly diagnose kiln problems and how to make changes to correct defects in your glaze. Every participant will leave with a free quick reference firing poster!

Kiln Repair & Maintenance

with Sam Thomason

Date Recently Changed!– Saturday, June 17th 10:00am-2:30pm

Learn all about proper maintenance and repair for electric kilns. Our repair technician will discuss overall kiln maintenance, diagnosing kiln problems, error codes, and replacement parts. Demonstrations will include test firing, replacement of elements, thermocouples and relays.

$65.00($45.00 for students)

Basic Design Transfer Using Slips & Underglazes

with Anne Willett
Friday May 19, 2017, 10:00-2:30
$65 ($45 for students)

This Workshop is intended for all potters from beginners to experienced who are interested in basic image/design transfer techniques. We will use slips and underglazes to create transfers. This is a hands on workshop preparing slabs of clay, preparing several transfers and applying to the slabs. Using your unique design to create a functional work of art!

Surface Decoration

with Peter Jones
April 22nd – 10am-2pm
$65 ($45 for students)

Surface decoration on pottery pieces can take place at nearly anytime in the production process. Decorative alterations can take place before the clay is even placed on the wheel head! From throwing a pot on the wheel through trimming, adding surface texture, carving, overlaying surface texture to working on a bone dry pot, bisque fired wares, glazing techniques and post firing alterations, the options are almost limitless. This four hour workshop will show hands-on alteration and decorative techniques from start to finish. Peter Jones has been a potter for 45 years and is happy to pass along his knowledge that he has acquired during that time.

Hands-on Porcelain

with Martha Grover
March 11th • 10am-4pm
$85 ($65 Students)
Discover the idiosyncrasies of working with porcelain on and off the wheel as Martha Grover demonstrates how to make her signature undulating functional forms. In this hands-on workshop, Martha will share her special throwing and altering techniques that exploit this elegant and sensuous material’s best qualities. Working with a variety of bottomless wheel-thrown forms and slabs in both the soft and leather-hard stages, Martha will demonstrate various altering techniques and additions of slabs, handles, and spouts to create an assortment of functional forms. Crack repair and mending techniques will be addressed, as well as the use of a spray gun for glaze application. Martha will also talk about her sources of inspiration, philosophy of making, and studio practices.

Martha Grover is a functional potter, living in Bethel Maine, creating thrown and altered porcelain pieces. She attended Bennington College, where she received her undergraduate degree in Architecture. After a fifth year in ceramics at Syracuse University, Martha went on to receive her MFA in ceramics from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. After graduate school, she was awarded multiple residencies and fellowships including the Fogelberg Fellowship at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Sage Scholarship and Taunt Fellowship at the Archie Bray Foundation , and a yearlong residency at Red Lodge Clay Center. Her work can be found at many galleries across the country. Her work has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, Pottery Making Illustrated, 500 Pitchers, 500 Platters and Chargers, and 500 Vases. It was the cover feature of Ceramic Monthly’s May 2010 issue.

Dry Throwing

with Ayumi Horie
March 4th • 10am-2pm
$65 ($45 Students)
Local potter and activist, Ayumi Horie, gives her first workshop in Portland. After giving an overview of her work, including Portland Brick, her collaborative public art project based in the India St neighborhood, she’ll move on to the wheel. Throwing without water may sound impossible, but Ayumi has used “Dry Throwing” as a viable method to make pots for more than 20 years. Bowls and plates will be covered, along with surface decoration techniques such as mishima, sgraffito, and waterslide decals.

Ayumi Horie is a full-time studio potter in Portland, Maine who makes functional pottery with drawings of animals and typography, inspired by American and Japanese folk traditions and comics. In 2015, she was awarded a Distinguished Fellow grant from United States Artists. She runs Pots In Action, a curatorial project on Instagram that features international ceramics and guest hosts from all over the world. Her collaborative public art project, Portland Brick, repairs city sidewalks with bricks made from local clay stamped with past, contemporary, and future memories of Portland. In 2011, she was the first recipient of Ceramics Monthly’s Ceramic Artist of the Year award. Ayumi travels nationally and internationally to give lectures and workshops on social media and ceramics and has organized multiple online fundraisers including Obamaware in 2008 and Handmade For Japan in 2011, which has raised over $100,000 for disaster relief. Currently, she’s working on The Democratic Cup, a political fundraiser which raised money for progressive nonprofits and sought to catalyze conversation through collaborative cups made by 32 artists. She has served on multiple boards including that of the Archie Bray Foundation and currently the American Craft Council and

Finding Strategies to Break Boredom

w/ Maureen Mills

January 28th • 10am-2pm
($45 Students)

How can you work with your favorite form and develop it for surface treatments or transform it into the next idea? What about using your favorite motif? How many ways can you imagine using that motif? And how do you get there? These are questions that take practice answering, and that’s the beauty of exploring this medium! Each student should bring in one or two of their favorite forms, one that you have made. If you don’t have one we’ll start with a sketch. We’ll start looking at form, brainstorming and thinking about techniques you can implement to further transform your work. I’ll do throwing demonstrations, and some surface work, to illustrate some concepts and get the ideas flowing!

Amaco Glazes: Clay Surface Treatment Techniques

Taught by Diana Faris (MFA) of Amaco Glazes

Hands-on glazing workshops for Art Teachers and Clay Artists focusing on expanding participants’ options for using AMACO glaze and underglazes. Participants may register for either session or both!

This class is all about experimentation with Cone 5-6 commercial glazes to achieve more personalized surfaces in an electric kiln. Participants will paint, layer and test a variety of different AMACO products, pushing the limits of results that can be achieved in oxidation. Focus will be on the new Shino glazes as well as the Celadon, Satin Matte and Potters Choice (PC) glazes and layering. Stoneware test tiles or sample pieces should be brought for glazing.
Different types of glazes and underglazes will be presented and explored. Each participant will experiment with liquid, semi-moist, pencil as well as chalk underglazes to draw and paint on bisque. They will also each create and use paper stencils to print images on clay surfaces using Teachers Palette glazes. Each participant will receive two 6”x6” low-fire bisque tiles to glaze, but are encouraged to bring their own low-fire clay test tiles or small pieces to decorate.

May 11&12 2016 in Portland, Maine:
Session 1: Wed 4-7pm – Low-Fire Glazes & Underglazes
session 2: Thurs 9am-12pm – Mid/High Fire Glazes
Session 3: Thurs 1pm-4pm -Mid/High Fire Glazes

May 13&14 1026 In Braintree, Massachusetts:
Session 1: Friday 4-7pm – Low-Fire & Underglazes
Session 2: Saturday 9-12pm – Mid/High Fire Glazes
Session 3: Saturday 1-4pm Mid/High Fire Glazes

Construction & Concepts

Immerse yourself in this thought provoking workshop with artist Nick Sevigney. During the workshop he will discuss how he derives inspiration from a variety of sources. Nick is also a professor at Plymouth State University where he introduces similar tips and techniques

March 19th 2016 10am-4pm
Price $85/ $65 Students

Raku Firing

w/ Lori Watts

Raku pottery is an ancient traditional method of firing ceramics developed by the Japanese. It is an exciting way to create unique decorative pottery. In this workshop, instructor Lori Watts, will guide students through glazing and firing in our Raku kiln at Portland Pottery Studio. Participants will assist with the firing and will polish off the soot and ash to unveil the smoke patterns and finished glaze. Participants should bring several pieces that are bisque fired and ready to be glazed. Tuition: $65.00 per person ($45 for students)