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Rimmed Collection

Classically shaped surfacesin the Rimmed Collection for infinite creative possibilities



Rimmed Collection 06122448100
Bisque 21423 Rimmed Dinner Plate 11.25x1"$3.50$2.97$2.71$2.45$2.19$2.06
Bisque 21424 Rimmed Salad Plate 9x1"$2.60$2.21$2.02$1.82$1.63$1.53
Bisque 21425 Rimmed Pasta Bowl 8.75x2"$3.70$3.15$2.87$2.59$2.31$2.18
Bisque 21670 Rimmed Serving Bowl 11x3"$7.30$6.21$5.66$5.11$4.56$4.31
Bisque 21700 Rimmed Charger 13.25x1"$4.60$3.91$3.56$3.22$2.88$2.71
Bisque 21765 Rimmed Dessert Plate 6x.75"$1.90$1.61$1.47$1.33$1.19$1.12
Bisque 28574 Rimmed Oval Platter$7.50$6.38$5.81$5.25$4.69$4.42
Bisque 29206 Rimmed Butter Dish$4.70$4.00$3.64$3.29$2.94$2.77