Kintsukuroi “Golden Repair” Workshop November 17th
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(R) Raku

These glazes will produce colorful, lustrous, and dramatic effects when reduced in a proper Raku firing. Be sure to use adequate safety measures when Raku firing- read more about this process below!

•Prepared glazes for Raku firing
•Cone 05

Raku Glazes012244899
R-10 Clear Crackle Pint$13.80$10.45$9.78$9.11$8.31
R-12 Bluebell Raku (Amaco)$13.79$10.44$9.77$9.10$8.29
R-13 Smokey Blue Raku (Amaco)$13.79$10.44$9.77$9.10$8.29
R-14 Smokey Lilac Pt. (Amaco)$13.23$10.00$9.36$8.71$7.94
R-15 Caribbean Blue Raku Pt (Amaco)$13.79$10.44$9.77$9.10$8.29
R-16 Copper Patina Pint (Amaco)$13.77$10.42$9.75$9.08$8.28
R-17 Tarnished Silver Pint$13.80$10.45$9.78$9.11$8.31
R-18 Lustrous Copper Raku (Amaco)$13.76$10.41$9.74$9.07$8.26
R-19 Copper Matte Pint$13.25$10.02$9.38$8.73$7.96
R-20 Red Crackle Pint (Amaco)$13.76$10.41$9.74$9.07$8.27
R-21 Yellow Crackle Pint$13.23$10.00$9.36$8.71$7.94