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(R) Raku

These glazes will produce colorful, lustrous, and dramatic effects when reduced in a proper Raku firing. Be sure to use adequate safety measures when Raku firing.

•Prepared glazes for Raku firing
•Cone 05

Raku Glaze112244899
R-10P Clear Crackle Amaco$14.87$11.24$10.52$9.79$8.92
R-12P Bluebell Raku Amaco$14.84$11.22$10.49$9.77$8.90
R-13P Smokey Blue Raku Amaco$14.67$11.05$10.32$9.60$8.73
R-14P Smokey Lilac Amaco$14.67$11.05$10.32$9.60$8.73
R-15P Caribbean Blue Raku Amaco$14.83$11.21$10.48$9.76$8.89
R-16P Copper Patina Amaco$14.73$11.10$10.38$9.65$8.78
R-17P Tarnished Silver Amaco$14.87$11.25$10.52$9.80$8.93
R-18P Lustrous Copper Raku Amaco$14.63$11.01$10.28$9.56$8.69
R-19P Copper Matte Amaco$14.88$11.26$10.53$9.81$8.94
R-20P Red Crackle Amaco$14.75$11.12$10.40$9.67$8.80
R-21P Yellow Crackle Amaco$14.38$10.86$10.16$9.45$8.61