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Our Braintree location will be CLOSED Saturday, June 24th

Due to fluctuating material and shipping costs the prices on our website are not always up to date.
Please call or email us to confirm pricing prior to placing your order.

Raku Clays
200 Raku Heavy Grog$0.59$0.53$0.47$0.42$0.38
250 Raku Med. Grog$0.57$0.51$0.46$0.41$0.38
Paper Clay
Paper clay010050010002000
Paper Clay BMix w/Grog WC-886 ^ 04-10$0.77$0.70$0.61$0.55$0.50
Paper Clay Bob’s Tile & Sculpture ^ 6 Brown WC-952$0.79$0.72$0.64$0.58$0.53
Paper Clay Max's Raku 06-or ^4-10 WC-953$0.74$0.67$0.59$0.52$0.47
Paper Clay Whiteware w/grog ^04-06 EM-349$0.88$0.80$0.70$0.63$0.57
Non-Firing Clay
Non-Firing Clay  0100lb500lb1000lb2000lb
Mexo Red mexo red$0.87$0.78$.69$0.61$0.55
Mexo White mexo white$0.86$0.78$0.68$0.61$0.55
Wed Clay $0.50$0.46$0.40$0.36$0.33