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Potter’s Choice Glazes – Cone 5-6

This is a collection of potters’ favorite glazes made easy. These glazes should be fired in an oxidation kiln to cone 5-6. Some of the glazes have special application instructions, be sure to read the labels carefully.

PC Series


Potter’s Choice PC Pints – Cone 5-6
PC Pints1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
PC Pints1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
PC-1 Saturation Metallic Pt.$18.54$14.00$13.09$12.18$11.09
PC-2 Saturation Gold Pt.$10.40$7.91$7.42$6.92$6.32
PC-12 Blue Midnight Pt.$10.07$7.63$7.14$6.65$6.06
PC-20 Blue Rutile Pt.$10.19$7.73$7.24$6.74$6.15
PC-21 Artic Blue Pt.$9.82$7.46$6.99$6.52$5.95
PC-23 Indigo Float Pt.$10.26$7.78$7.28$6.78$6.18
PC-25 Textured Turquoise Pt.$10.37$7.88$7.38$6.88$6.29
PC-27 Tourmaline Pt.$10.18$7.73$7.24$6.75$6.17
PC-28 Frosted Turquoise Pt.$10.21$7.73$7.23$6.73$6.13
PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle Pt.$10.27$7.78$7.29$6.79$6.19
PC-30 Temmoku Pt.$10.26$7.77$7.27$6.78$6.18
PC-32 Albany Slip Brown Pt.$13.20$9.96$9.31$8.67$7.89
PC-33 Iron Luster Pt.$10.26$7.77$7.28$6.78$6.18
PC-34 Light Sepia Pint$10.25$7.76$7.27$6.77$6.17
PC-35 Oil Spot Pt.$10.23$7.77$7.28$6.79$6.20
PC-36 Ironstone Pt.$10.09$7.66$7.18$6.69$6.11
PC-37 Smoked Sienna Pint$10.28$7.80$7.30$6.80$6.20
PC-39 Umber Float Pint$10.26$7.77$7.27$6.78$6.18
PC-4 Palladium$10.16$7.69$7.20$6.70$6.11
PC-40 True Celadon$10.28$7.80$7.30$6.80$6.80
PC-41 Verte Lustre Pt.$10.27$7.78$7.28$6.78$6.19
PC-42 Seaweed Pt$10.34$7.86$7.36$6.86$6.26
PC-43 Toasted Sage Pt.$9.87$7.47$6.99$6.51$5.93
PC-46 Lustrous Jade Pt.$10.06$7.64$7.15$6.67$6.08
PC-48 Art Deco Green Pt.$9.82$7.46$6.99$6.52$5.95
PC-50 Shino Pt.$10.36$7.87$7.37$6.87$6.28
PC-52 Deep Sienna Speckle Pt.$10.26$7.77$7.27$6.78$6.18
PC-53 Ancient Jasper Pt.$10.23$7.74$7.24$6.74$6.15
PC-55 Chun Plum Pt$12.98$9.80$9.17$8.53$7.77
PC-57 Smokey Merlot Pt$12.67$9.60$8.98$8.37$7.63
PC-59 Deep Firebrick Pt.$10.06$7.63$7.14$6.65$6.07
PC-60 Salt Buff Pt.$10.28$7.79$7.29$6.79$6.20
Potter’s Choice PC Gallons – Cone 5-6
PC-23 Indigo Float Gallon$52.11$39.62
PC-27 Tourmaline Gallon$50.44$38.81
PC-28 Frost Turquoise Gal$52.26$39.77
PC-30 Temmoku Gal$52.14$39.66
PC-32 Albany Slip Brown Gallon$72.37$54.88
PC-35 Oil Spot Gal$52.57$40.08
PC-40 True Celadon GAL$52.21$39.72
PC-46 Lustrous Jade Gal$50.02$37.53
PC-50 Shino Gal$52.20$39.72
PC-53 Ancient Jasper Gal$52.43$39.95
PC-59 Deep Firebrick Gallon$52.07$39.60
PC-60 Gallon Salt Buff$53.56$41.07
Potter’s Choice PC Dry – Cone 5-6
PC Dry BucketsPrice
PC Dry BucketsPrice
PC-1 Saturation 25lb Bag Dry$199.36
PC-12 Blue Midnight 25lb Dry$140.00
PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle 25lb Dry$143.83
PC-32 Albany Slip Brown 25lb dry$125.12
PC-40 True Celadon 25lb Dry$111.21
PC-42 Seaweed 25lb Dry$162.21
PC-50 Shino 25lb Dry$150.50
PC-55 Chun Plum Dry 25lb$203.83

Other Glazes may be avilable in Gallons or Dipping Buckets, please call for additional information and pricing.