Thanksgiving Hours
Both Supply Stores will be closing at 5:00 PM on Wednesday
Portland Location: Closed Thursday — Braintree: Closed Thursday-Sunday


postsposts are available in all different lengths. Let us know what your needs are and we can help put something together for you.
Laguna Post0122448100
Post 1.5x 0.5 RF-30012$1.07$0.94$0.84$0.76$0.69
Post 1.5X1 RF-301$1.08$0.95$0.84$0.76$0.70
Post 1.5x10 RF-310$2.64$2.33$2.09$1.90$1.74
Post 1.5x11 RF-311$2.89$2.55$2.28$2.07$1.90
Post 1.5x12 RF-312$3.09$2.73$2.43$2.21$2.02
Post 1.5x13 RF-313$3.26$2.86$2.54$2.31$2.10
Post 1.5x14 RF-314$3.63$3.20$2.86$2.60$2.38
Post 1.5x15 RF-315$3.85$3.39$3.03$2.75$2.51
Post 1.5x2 RF-302$1.09$0.96$0.85$0.78$0.71
Post 1.5x3 RF-303$1.28$1.12$1.00$0.91$0.83
Post 1.5x4 RF-304$1.37$1.21$1.08$0.98$0.90
Post 1.5x5 RF-305$1.53$1.35$1.20$1.09$1.00
Post 1.5x6 RF-306$1.74$1.54$1.37$1.25$1.14
Post 1.5x7 RF-307$2.05$1.81$1.62$1.47$1.35
Post 1.5x8 RF-308$2.09$1.84$1.64$1.49$1.36
Post 1.5x9 RF-309$2.38$2.10$1.88$1.71$1.56