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Pompeian Ash Glazes (PA) – Cone 5-6

Pompeian Ash Glazes have a unique formula that produce wiggly design pattern as they flow on the piece. These glazes look similar to cone 10 reduction ash glazes but should be fired in oxidation to cone 5-6. These glazes are not food safe*

PA series


Pompeian Ash Glazes (PA) – Cone 5-6
Pompeian Ash Pints1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
Pompeian Ash Pints1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
*PA-1 Black*$14.46$10.98$10.28$9.58$8.74
*PA-15 Buff*$10.77$8.14$7.61$7.09$6.45
*PA-20 Blue*$10.46$7.98$7.48$6.98$6.38
*PA-30 Brown*$14.45$10.96$10.26$9.56$8.73
*PA-40 Green*$11.29$8.54$7.99$7.44$6.78
*PA-60 Tan*$10.85$8.26$7.74$7.22$6.60