2018 Holiday Show Registration Has Begun!
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Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to get the most up to date pricing.

Plate Setters

Plate Setter 9.25x1.25$33.84$28.49$23.90$20.84$19.31$18.23
Plate Setter 9.75x1.7" MEX$10.30$8.78$7.47$6.60$6.17$5.86
Plate Setter 12$48.68$41.08$34.57$30.23$28.06$26.54
Plate Setter 12.75x2$39.19$32.98$27.66$24.12$22.34$21.10
Plate Setter 13$14.26$12.10$10.24$9.01$8.39$7.96
Plate Setter 14.75x3.5" Mex$4.03$3.50$3.05$2.75$2.60$2.50
Plate Setter 15$13.45$11.45$9.74$8.60$8.03$7.63