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Opalescent Glaze (O) – Cone 05

Best results are achieved with three or four applications of glaze. On textured ware, the glaze flows thin on relief and thick in incised areas, giving an added dimension on the surface. May be used in Raku firing. May give interesting effects at high temperatures. Opaque and dinnerware safe.  For pearl-like surfaces (best results on red clay)


O-2P Black Tulip$16.63$12.57$11.76$10.94$9.97
O-10P Trans. Pearl$16.57$12.51$11.69$10.88$9.91
O-11P White Clover$16.58$12.52$11.71$10.89$9.92
O-12P Tawny$16.59$12.53$11.72$10.91$9.93
O-20P Bluebell$16.61$12.55$11.74$10.93$9.95
O-21P Aquamarine$16.60$12.53$11.72$10.91$9.93
O-23P Sapphire Blue$16.67$12.60$11.79$10.98$10.00
O-26P Turquiose$16.64$12.57$11.76$10.95$9.97
O-30P Autumn Leaf$16.51$12.44$11.63$10.82$9.84
O-42P Moss Green$16.67$12.61$11.79$10.98$10.01
O-52P Fuchsia$16.53$12.47$11.66$10.85$9.87
O-54P Dusty Rose$16.65$12.59$11.78$10.96$9.99
O-57P Mottled Burgundy$16.58$12.52$11.71$10.90$9.92