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Old World Crackle (CR) Cone 05

These glazes are not recommended on surfaces that come in contact with food or drink due to the soft crackle nature of this glaze
Formulated to product a network of cracks, which simulate crazing. Good for an antiqued look.


Old World Crackle (CR) Cone 05
Old World Crackle1-11 pts12+ pts
Old World Crackle1-11 pts12+ pts
CR-10 Clear Gloss$ 9.53 $ 7.23
CR-11 Satin White$ 10.10$ 7.68
CR-15 Fog Gray$ 10.10 $ 7.68
CR-26 Aqua$ 10.01 $ 7.59
CR-30 Amber $ 10.38$ 8.01
CR-31 Beige$ 9.63$ 7.31
CR-41 Leaf Green$ 8.92$ 6.80
CR-42 Celadon $ 9.42$ 7.12
CR-50 Peach $ 8.35
CR-51 Pink$ 9.53$ 7.24
CR-53 Light Red $ 14.31$10.73
CR-60 Yellow$ 10.71$ 8.14