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KANTHAL or NICHROME Wire has a high tolerance to heat up to 2055° F. and is useful for making special purpose kiln stilts, repairing kilns, etc. Sold by the foot.

  • NOTE: KANATHAL & NICHROME Wire can be used interchangeably – “Kanthal” being the Brand Name of the Nichrome Wire produced from one manufacturer.
  • 24 Gauge Kanthal Wire is Especially Suited for DELICATE Work, such as Ornament Hangers, Dollcraft and more.
  • 14 Gauge Kanthal Wire is Suitable for STILT PINS
  • 9 or 11 Gauge Kanthal Wire is Suitable for STILT RODS
Nichrome Wire GaugePrice per FootPrice per Package
Gauge 24 (50 ft. pack sold by ft.)$0.39$12.00
Gauge 19 (50 ft. pack sold by ft.)$1.27$42.00
Gauge 14 (10 ft. pack sold by ft.)$1.78$15.90
Gauge 11 (1 ft. rods, 5 pack)$6.47$32.35
Gauge 9 (1 ft. rods, 5 pack)$15.64$78.20