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Needle Tools

kemper needle tools

Potter’s Needle – Heavy Duty (PNH)

Cut through and remove the uneven top edge of wheel-thrown items.  The large, 1-15/16” long, sharp, heat-treated steel needle is set in a 1/2” diameter hardwood handle for a sturdy grip.


Pro Tool (PRO)

Used to cut heavy clay strips, designs and holes, this tool is used with many art mediums for a wide variety of uses – too many to name! This 6-5/8” long tool has a sharp steel needle and is firmly set in a textured aluminum handle providing a firm grip for wet hands.


Potter’s Cut-Off Needle (PCN)

A necessity for all potters, this 1-15/16” long, thin heat-treated steel needle makes a clean smooth cut with a minimum of drag when removing the uneven top edge of thrown items.

Needle Tool15102550
PCN Needle Tool$1.12$0.86$0.78$0.65$0.61
PNH Needle Tool Heavy$1.89$1.46$1.32$1.11$1.04
PRO X Needle Tool$2.62$2.03$1.83$1.54$1.44