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Moroccan Sand Oxides

MS-101 – MS-107): Seven earthen colors which are perfect for highlighting and accentuating. Prepared in a special suspension solution for an easy, even application. Can be used for drawing designs and patterns under or over the glaze application. These oxides do not contain lead and are safe for food and beverage containers when properly fired.

ms oxide

Product 0-5 6-11
Product 0-5 6-11
MS-101P Desert Rose $18.42 $15.21
MS-102P Ebony Black $26.24 $21.67
MS-103P Nile Blue $12.83 $10.60
MS-104P Oriental Rust $6.31 $5.22
MS-105P Sudan Yellow $8.32 $6.88
MS-106P Delta Green $9.50 $7.85
MS-107P Nile White $11.30 $9.34