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Miscellaneous Brushes

Hake Brushes

Hake Brushes1122448100
Brush Hake 1in$4.10$3.70$3.08$2.68$2.43
Brush Hake 2in$6.35$5.72$4.77$4.14$3.76
Brush Hake 3in$8.85$7.97$6.64$5.76$5.23
Brush Hake 4in$6.44$5.82$4.89$4.27$3.90

Mop Brushes

Mop Brushes1122448100
Brush Mop #3$1.47$1.34$1.14$1.00$0.92
Brush Mop #6$1.66$1.51$1.27$1.12$1.03
Brush Mop #9$1.82$1.65$1.39$1.22$1.12
Brush 270 Maxine 1/2in$5.26$4.74$3.96$3.44$3.13
Brush Shader 796-6$4.40$3.96$3.30$2.86$2.60

Fan Brushes

Brush Fan Amaco #4$8.67
Brush Fan Amaco #6$10.90
Brush set Fan 6/set$5.28$4.78$4.03$3.53$3.23


Brush Shader 796-4$3.65