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Liquid Underglaze Decorating Colors 06-05

The LUG series underglazes come in 24 great colors! Other colors shades and tints are made by blending. These colors come in 2 sizes: 2oz Jars and 12oz pints. The samples below were overglazed with Amaco LG-10.

lug pic 1lug pic 2

LUG Pints112244899
LUG 1P Black$26.14$19.66$18.37$17.07$15.52
LUG 10P White$26.11$19.64$18.34$17.05$15.49
LUG 15P Warm Gray$26.15$19.68$18.38$17.09$15.53
LUG 20P Light blue$25.99$19.51$18.22$16.92$15.37
LUG 21P Medium Blue$26.20$19.72$18.43$17.13$15.58
LUG 22P Dark Blue$26.31$19.83$18.54$17.24$15.69
LUG 25P Turquoise$26.16$19.69$18.39$17.10$15.54
LUG 26P Aqua$26.17$19.70$18.40$17.11$15.55
LUG 30P Light Brown$26.03$19.55$18.26$16.96$15.41
LUG 31P Mahogany Brown$26.29$19.81$18.52$17.22$15.67
LUG 40P Chartreuse$26.22$19.74$18.45$17.15$15.60
LUG 41P Warm Green$26.21$19.74$18.44$17.15$15.60
LUG 42P Blue Green$26.28$19.81$18.51$17.22$15.66
LUG 43P Dark Green$26.04$19.57$18.27$16.98$15.42
LUG 50P Pink$26.23$19.76$18.46$17.17$15.61
LUG 51P Rose$26.29$19.82$18.52$17.23$15.67
LUG 52P Peach$25.90$19.42$18.13$16.84$15.28
LUG 53P Sun Tan$26.11$19.63$18.34$17.04$15.49
LUG 54P Lilac$26.27$19.79$18.50$17.20$15.65
LUG 55P Purple$26.16$19.68$18.39$17.09$15.54
LUG 56P Maroon$26.09$19.62$18.32$17.03$15.48
LUG 58P Dark Red$26.15$19.67$18.38$17.08$15.53
LUG 60P Light Yellow$26.22$19.74$18.45$17.15$15.60
LUG 61P Bright Yellow$26.24$19.77$18.47$17.18$15.62
LUG 65P Orange$26.12$19.65$18.35$17.06$15.51

LUG 2 Oz.112244899
LUG-1 2oz Black$6.85$5.15$4.81$4.47$4.06
LUG-10 2oz White$7.17$5.39$5.04$4.68$4.26
LUG-15 2oz Warm Gray$7.16$5.39$5.03$4.68$4.25
LUG-20 2oz Light Blue$7.15$5.37$5.02$4.66$4.24
LUG-21 2oz Medium Blue$7.15$5.38$5.02$4.67$4.24
LUG-22 2oz Dark Blue$7.17$5.39$5.04$4.68$4.25
LUG-25 2oz Turquoise$7.16$5.38$5.03$4.67$4.24
LUG-26 2oz Aqua$7.17$5.40$5.04$4.69$4.26
LUG-30 2oz Light Brown$6.85$5.15$4.81$4.47$4.06
LUG-31 2oz Mahogany Brown$7.15$5.37$5.02$4.66$4.24
LUG-40 2oz Chartreuse$7.23$5.44$5.08$4.72$4.30
LUG-41 2oz Warm Green$7.16$5.38$5.03$4.67$4.25
LUG-42 2oz Blue Green$7.17$5.39$5.04$4.68$4.25
LUG-43 2oz Dark Green$7.17$5.39$5.04$4.68$4.25
LUG-50 2oz Pink$7.15$5.37$5.02$4.66$4.24
LUG-51 2oz Rose$7.16$5.38$5.03$4.67$4.24
LUG-52 2oz Peach$7.17$5.39$5.04$4.68$4.25
LUG-53 2oz Sun Tan$6.85$5.15$4.81$4.47$4.06
LUG-54 2oz Lilac$6.85$5.15$4.81$4.47$4.06
LUG-55 2oz Purple$7.16$5.39$5.03$4.68$4.25
LUG-56 2oz Maroon$7.16$5.38$5.03$4.67$4.25
LUG-58 Dark Red 2oz$7.53$5.76$5.40$5.05$4.62
LUG-60 2oz Light Yellow$7.18$5.40$5.05$4.69$4.27
LUG-61 2oz Bright Yellow$6.85$5.15$4.81$4.47$4.06
LUG-65 2oz Orange$7.16$5.38$5.03$4.67$4.25

LUG Gallon11224
LUG 1 Black Gallon153.07115.57108.07
LUG 10 White gallons153.32115.82108.32