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Amaco Class Packs

Class Packs are great for schools or individuals that want to order many glazes in the same series. Below are the LG series class packs we also carry class packs for the Matt series, F series, Crystaltex & Alligator

LG Series Class Packs Cone 05

Please note that LG-27 Turquoise Crackle and LG-53 Flame are not food safe

LG Class Packs Grade 7-12 (Small 6 pints)


Classpack 7-12

LG Class Packs #2 (Large 12 pints)


Classpack 7-12

Matt Class Packs ( LM Series ) cone 05

Matt Class Packs (Small 6 pints)



Matt Class Packs (Large 12 pints)



F Series Class Packs Cone 05

F-series Class Packs (Small 6 pints)



F-series Class Packs (Large 12 pints)



Crystaltex Class Packs Cone 05

Crystaltex Class Packs (Small 6 pints) 



Crystaltex Class Packs (Large 12 pints)



Alligator Glazes Class Packs Cone 05

Alligator Class Packs (Small 6 pints)



Alligator Class Packs (Large 12 pints)