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Lace Tools

lace tools 1.

Lace tools are designed to facilitate the applications of slip-soaked lace to greenware boxes, figurines, etc. Several needle types are available and the A3R and A3N offer a special foot used for pressing lace in place.  The curved, pointed blades described are used for pressing lace and also cleanup and graffito work.  The lace tools are also used for working in wax.

Fine, sharp needle; curved, pointed stainless steel blade; 5/16″ diameter handle




Kemper Tools05102550
A3N X Lace Tool$2.82$2.21$2.01$1.71$1.61
A3R X$2.75$2.13$1.92$1.61$1.51
AB X$2.77$2.14$1.93$1.62$1.52