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High Fire Clay 010050010002000
510 White Stoneware ^10#510$0.64$0.58$0.51$0.46$0.42
550 Grolleg Porcelain ^10#550$0.97$0.87$0.76$0.68$0.62
560 Domestic Porcelain ^10$0.73$0.66$0.57$0.51$0.46
570 Grolleg Porcelain ^11#570$0.97$0.88$0.77$0.69$0.62
580 White Stoneware w/ Sand ^10#580$0.58$0.52$0.46$0.42$0.38
590 White Stoneware ^10#590$0.57$0.52$0.46$0.41$0.38
900 Toast Brown Stoneware ^10#900$0.59$0.53$0.47$0.42$0.38
910 Med Brown Stoneware ^10#910$0.57$0.52$0.46$0.41$0.38
Big White Clay WC 381$0.68$0.62$0.54$0.49$0.44
B-Mix 10 (NY Mix)bmix 10$0.59$0.53$0.47$0.42$0.39
B-Mix 10 w/ SandBmix sand$0.58$0.53$0.46$0.41$0.38
B-Mix 10 W/grog WC-893bmix 10 g$0.62$0.56$0.50$0.45$0.41
B-Mix 10 Wood FireBmix 10 wood fire$0.67$0.61$0.53$0.48$0.43

Laguna High Fire Clay Descriptions

 #510         Cone 8 – 10
This clay has become our most popular white stoneware.  It is a very plastic throwing body and has superior handbuilding and slab properties.  Contains fine mullite grog.
sh. 12.5% ab. 1.3 @ c/10

 #550            Cone 10
Made primarily of English Grolleg, this clay contains plasticizers to make this the finest translucent porcelain available for throwing, thin slab work, and handbuilding.  With an excellent white color, this clay has become a standard in the northeast.
sh. 14.75% ab. .3 @ C/10

 #560            Cone 10
Made of American mined and processed clays.  Excellent white color for throwing, slab, and handbuilding.  Large bulbous shapes are a cinch with this non-translucent body.
sh. 13.5% ab. 2.2 @ C/10

 #570            Cone 8 – 11
Grolleg porcelain is the primary ingredient in this clay body.  Similar to #550 in many ways, this body is an accepted standard for grolleg clay bodies.  This clay can be fired a little hotter than #550.
sh 14.7% ab. .6 @ C/11

 #580            Cone 10
This white stoneware functional ware body has sand for grog.  An excellent choice for slab work and tiles, this clay fires slightly gray in reduction.
sh. 14.3% ab. .9 @ C/10

 #590            Cone 10
This smooth white stoneware is the same as #580 without sand.
sh. 14.3% ab. .7 @ C/10

 #700            Cone 10
This clay has excellent throwing properties and is an oxidation  like toast color.  It is an excellent all around clay for the studio potter.
sh 14.25% ab. 1.3 @ C/10

#750            Cone 10
This dark toast reduction clay for wheel, slab, and sculpture has excellent body color, but do not over reduce this clay as it goes too dark.
sh. 14.25% ab. .68 @ C/10

 #850            Cone 10
This off white stoneware throwing clay contains fireclay and no additional color.  It has medium texture for good tooth.
sh. 14.5% ab. .31 @ C/10

 #900            Cone 10
Very similar to #700, this clay has a little more toast color.  This is by far the best clay for production pottery. It was formulated for those who sgraffito or wax resist and want a finer texture to minimize picking.
sh. 12.7% ab. .6 @ C/10

#910            Cone 10
This toast colored low sulfur body is formulated to be similar to #900.
sh. 12.4% ab. .5 @ C/10

 #950            Cone 10
If you handle large amounts of clay, this is the body for you!  Formulated to be similar to the West Coast sand bodies, this plastic clay permits the largest of pots.
sh. 10.2% ab. 2 @ C/10

 #1050                   Cone 10
This is a fire clay, ball clay, grog body used for many years by sculptors in Florida.  The largest of sculptures are possible with this body.  Large pots and slabs are a snap.
sh. 10.2% ab. 2.2 @ C/10

 1070* special order only  Cone 10
This sculpture body can be either oxidation or reduction fired.  This heavily grogged clay can be wither glazed or left natural for outdoor sculptural works.
sh 10.7% ab. 2.5 @ C/10

 B-Mix                   Cone 10
A premier, cream white, throwing clay that is easy to throw and form.  Excellent glaze results.  Fires gray/white in reduction and lighter in oxidation.
sh 13.0% ab 1.2 @ C/10

#310* special order only  Cone 7 – 9
This clay is a medium textured throwing body for oxidation firing. With body color obtained from Barnard,  this clay is
used by most Eastern Canadian production potters to simulate true reduction body color.
sh 11.2 % ab 1.95 @ C/9

 #350* special order only  Cone 10
A production potter’s clay with texture in both the body and the fired color.  In reduction this clay fired up to a toast color.  Contains fine grog for body strength.
sh. 11.7% ab. 1.09 @ C/10