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Hole Cutters

hole cutterProvide an easy method for cutting clean holes in wet thick-wall greenware and wet clay.

  • All five sizes can be used to achieve a variety of designs.
  • All of these hole cutters have sharp, polished brass, cutting tubes with the smaller sizes firmly set in hardwood handles.
  • HC4 and HC3 tubes have ends covered with a rubber cap for comfort


Ideal for cutting out windows, these cutters are designed with push out plungers to remove clay from the tube. Made of high quality brass with rubber tips on the plunger for comfort.

Handel Maker15102550
HC1 X 3/16 Hole Cutter$4.09$3.19$2.89$2.43$2.28
HC1A X 1/4 Hole Cutter$4.27$3.32$3.00$2.52$2.36
HC2 X 5/16 Hole Cutter$3.95$3.07$2.78$2.34$2.20
HC3 X 1/2 Hole Cutter$4.52$3.54$3.21$2.73$2.56
HC4 X 7/16 Hole Cutter$9.51$7.39$6.69$5.63$5.28
HCP1 X 3/16$8.08$6.35$5.77$4.90$4.61
HCP2 X Hole Cutter$8.52$6.57$5.92$4.94$4.62
HCS2 X 3/16 Square Hole Cutter (yellow)$5.77$4.46$4.02$3.37$3.15
HCS3X 1/8 Square Hole Cutter (blue)$6.16$4.79$4.34$3.65$3.42
HCS4 X 1/4 Square Hole Cutter (black)$7.93$6.15$5.56$4.66$4.37
HCS4 X 3/32 Square Hole Cutter (red)$7.96$6.20$5.61$4.73$4.44

Rolling Pins

Rolling Pin 18 Wood rp-18$33.96
Rolling Pin 24 Wood rp-24$41.37
Rolling Pin 30 Wood$51.65


Paddle Bamboo$4.18
Paddle Rosewood$25.19
Doo Woo Paddle 2-1$11.76
Doo Woo Paddle 4-9$18.79
Doo Woo Paddle Scoop 2-3$14.88

Kemper Clay Gun

Use the clay gun it for a limitless number of decorative effects such as hair, grass, fower stamens, rope, logs, bricks, vines and stems. Includes a set of 19 assorted discs that are formed to allow a flush cutoff of the extruded clay.

Kemper Clay Gun151025
kemper k45 die set$17.32$13.45$12.17$10.24

Drill Tools

drill tool set

DR -4 is a cold rolled drill 1/4″.

DR – 2 is a high Carbon Drill 3/16″

Kemper Tools15102550
DR2 X 3/16" Drill Tool$4.12$3.19$2.88$2.41$2.25
DR4 X 1.4" Drill Tool$3.37$2.59$2.34$1.95$1.82
GBC Glaze & Bisque Cutter$5.02$3.88$3.49$2.92$2.73
MDT Multi Drill$3.24$2.50$2.26$1.89$1.77
SPD Salt & Pepper Drill$4.47$3.45$3.10$2.59$2.42

Tile Cutters

Tile Cutter 6 Round$74.57$57.46$51.76$43.21$40.3637.51
Tile Cutter 8x8$77.22$59.40$53.46$44.55$41.5838.61

Tile Cutter 2x2$47.58$42.82$35.69$30.93
Tile Cutter 4x4$52.59$47.37$39.53$34.30
Tile Cutter 6x6$57.49$51.79$43.23$37.52
Tile Cutter Circle Bamboo 7in$2.54$2.29$1.92$1.67
Tile Cutter Circle Plastic 7in$7.06$6.36$5.31$4.61
Tile Cutter Circle Rosewood 9.5$30.26$27.26$22.76$19.76
Tile Cutter Parallel Plasitic 7in$7.11$6.41$5.36$4.66
Tile Cutter Parallel Redwood 9.5$30.11$27.11$22.61$19.61
Tile Cutter Parellel Bamboo 7in$4.00$3.60$3.00$2.60
Tile Cutter Plastic Asstd. Shapes$18.11$16.31$13.61$11.81