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 Gare Clear Glazes



Simple to use and trouble free. When applied and fired properly, you won’t have problems with pitting, cracking and crazing.

Clear Glaze Gallons14
NTG-9000B Clear Gloss Brushing Gal$22.80$20.02
NTG-9000D Dipping Clear Gal$23.66$20.79

GARE 5GAL BUCKETS                        9000 5-GL CLEAR BRUSH NON-TOXIC


 This dipping glaze is the most forgiving glaze in the industry, making it very user-friendly. Its smooth liquid consistency makes it easy to dip bisque




Clear Glaze Buckets110
NTG-9000B Clear Gloss Brushing 5gal$77.56$68.88
NTG-9000D Clear Gloss Dipping 5 Gal$80.02$71.03