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In calculating linear coefficients of expansion (c/exp), Hall [JACS, 13(3) 194 (1930)] factors were used whenever available. M&H factors were used
otherwise. To transpose to decimals, multiply by 10-6. When available, measured expansion values are also presented as an aid in the practical use of these
Fusion and Flow temperatures shown are those used by the frit Control Department in quality control testing procedures. The Fusion temperature used are
somewhat higher than the actual softening points of the frits, and the Flow temperatures are those selected to allow for a valid comparison of flow
characteristics of a frit sample versus the established “Standard” for that frit.
The code numbers used to indicate percent oxide composition range for each frit are as follows:
1 = Present, but less than 5%. 2 = 5% to 15%. 3 = 15% to 25%. 4 = 25% to 50% 5 = over 50%.
Frit 3110$2.61$2.25$2.00$1.70$1.66$1.65$1.64$1.62
Frit 3124$2.27$1.95$1.74$1.48$1.45$1.44$1.43$1.41
Frit 3134$2.56$2.21$1.97$1.67$1.64$1.62$1.61$1.59
Frit 3195$2.89$2.49$2.22$1.88$1.84$1.83$1.81$1.79
Frit 3249$6.35$5.45$4.85$4.11$4.02$3.99$3.96$3.90
Frit 3269$3.08$2.65$2.36$2.00$1.96$1.95$1.93$1.90
Frit 3292 cone 1-4$2.19$1.88$1.68$1.43$1.39$1.38$1.37$1.35
Frit 3403$4.11$3.57$3.21$2.75$2.70$2.68$2.66$2.63
Frit 5301$3.15$2.71$2.41$2.05$2.00$1.99$1.97$1.94
Frit CC-250-2 Ferro$2.39$2.06$1.84$1.56$1.52$1.51$1.50$1.48
Frit CC-257(Availible on limited supply)$2.10$1.80$1.61$1.36$1.33$1.32$1.31$1.29
Frit CC-263(Same as old CC-268)2.141.841.641.391.361.351.341.32
Frit CC-2792.
Frit FB-276-P3.593.082.752.332.
Frit FB-2842.732.352.091.771.741.721.711.69


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