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Freight Charges

All products shipped from Portland Pottery are sent the least expensive way possible. Packages weighing under 70lbs usually go via UPS. If the cumulative UPS charges exceed the cost of the common carrier (commercial trucking company), then the shipments are shipped by the latter. Portland Pottery also has its own delivery service. We can not always reach some of the far reaches of our market, but when you call ask if we are heading in your direction. The cost of the Portland Pottery delivery service is close to the common carrier price, but we can be more accommodating. Call for details and scheduling. Freight quotes are available for any order. All discounts available to us are passed on to the customer. To cover packing materials, there is a $4 packing charge levied on all sacks of raw material weighing over 25lbs sent via UPS.

Listed below are examples of the charges:

UPS charges $25.00 to ship 50lbs to residential customers within Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Packages weighing 1-3lbs to residential customers in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire cost approximately $9.50

Portland Pottery’s Standard delivery charge is $82/2000lbs (in our Maine & MASS locations)

Please Call Portland Pottery for an exact freight quote.