Kintsukuroi “Golden Repair” Workshop November 17th
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Chemical Names or Synonyms: Crystalline Silica (quartz), silicon dioxide (SiO2), sand, silica sand, flint, silica flour, Brady Sand, Brown Sand, Hydraulic Fracturing Sand, Filter Sand, Fine Ground Silica, Foundry Sand, Frac Sand, Ground Silica, Grout Sand, Mason Sand, Proppant, Well Gravel Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use: (non-exhaustive list): brick, ceramics, foundry castings, glass, grout, hydraulic fracturing sand, frac sand, proppant, mortar, paint and coatings, silicate chemistry, silicone rubber, thermoset plastics.

Flint 200/#75$2.21$1.49$0.95$0.67$0.32$0.30$0.29$0.27
Flint 325/#52$2.94$1.98$1.27$0.89$0.43$0.40$0.38$0.36
Flint 325/#52$2.94$1.98$1.27$0.89$0.43$0.40$0.38$0.36