2018 Holiday Show Registration Has Begun!
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February Vacation Week at Portland Pottery !   

Check out the schedule to sign up for our exciting classes !  Pre-registration is required ! 

Pottery Wheel: Learn how to throw pots on the potter’s wheel. Experienced instructors will demonstrate throwing techniques and assist students individually.

Fairy Houses: Create your own fairy house out of clay. Add textures and lots of details to your whimsical dwellings that will be perfect for any fairy! They will be glaze fired and look great in the garden !!

Pet Bowl Decorating: Campers will choose a pet bowl to decorate for their favorite critter. We will use underglazes of all different colors to create a unique pet bowl. Bowls will be glazed and fired for pickup at the end of the week.

Snowman Rattles: Do you want to build a snowman?? Learn how to make adorable snowman out of pinchpots. Details and textures will be added for a wonderful winter friend !

Glass Pendants: Students will work to create pendants from colored glass. In this workshop we will cover glass cutting and polishing. The students will assemble projects, which will then be fused in our kiln.  Cost for this class is $20.

Coilpot bowls: Create a swirly bowl made out of coils. Learn how to join coils together for a unique designed bowl.

Pinchpot Monsters: Learn how to create a pinchpot and then turn it into a unique silly or scary Monster!

Clay Castles: They say that your home is your castle. In this workshop you can create the clay castle that you would want to live in !

Rings of Silver: Create your own sterling silver ring! Use metalsmithing equipment and learn how to form and solder. This is a great metalsmithing class. Cost for this class is $20. (Ages 8 and up)

Clay Fish: Create a fish sculpture out of clay, real or imagined! Add lots of textures and designs for a super unique fish !

Clay Whistles: Learn how to make a clay whistle! Each one will have its own amazing sound !

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