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We’re hiring in Braintree, MA

Portland Pottery Supply is looking for a sale associate. Pottery experience is required. Job requirements would include but not be limited to: In-store sales, phone orders, picking orders, unpacking deliveries, driving some local van deliveries and restocking selves. As you become familiar with the clay/ceramics there are opportunities to present off site tutorials and equipment demonstrations. You must have clean driving record. This job can be physically demanding and would require lifting 50lbs. This job will immerse you in the local ceramic community, academia and bring in close contact to the New England clay network.Please leave a direct email and/or phone # when applying.
Salary: $13.00 /hour
Email: with your info


Portland Pottery Cafe and Lena’s  are looking for a  Chef with experience to run Lena’s, cooking of Italian dishes a must.