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Laguna Moroccan Sand Glazes
Cone 5

Moroccan Sand Glazes are prepared in liquid form for brushing application and in dry form for spraying and dipping. We offer offer a broad selection of gloss, mottled and matt finishes in warm stoneware colors. These glazes perform well on all our Cone 5 prepared moist clays and slip bodies, and many others that mature at Cone 5. May be fired in oxidation (gas or electric kilns) or reduction (gas kilns only). These Moroccan Sand glazes are lead free and safe for use on food and beverage containers when properly fired.

Moroccan Sand Gallons

MS-3 Wheat Gallonms-3$56.59
MS-4 Forest Green Gallonms-4$46.91
MS-5 Speckled Blue Gray Gallonms-5$46.64
MS-6 Gloss Black Gallonms-6$77.54
MS-9 Sandy Matte Gallonms-9$47.01
MS-10 Tobacco Gallonms-10$54.60
MS-12 Redwood Matte Gallonms-12$52.94
MS-13 Lemon Yellow Gallonms-13$55.46
MS-17 Golden Green Gallonms-17$38.85
MS-18 Robins Egg Gallonms-18$72.11
MS-19 Cream Gallonms-19$55.47
MS-20 Royal Blue Gallonms-20$44.70
MS-22 Green Tweedms-22$49.50
MS-23 Dark Turquoise Gallonms-23$49.45
MS-26 Snowflake Gallonms-26$47.69
MS-29 Bright Clear Galms-29$66.21
MS-32 Chun Red Gallonms-32$45.31
MS-33 Bamboo Ashms-33$40.85
MS-35 Sage Matte Gallonms-35$44.41
MS-36 Blue Frost Matte Gallonms-36$39.74
MS-37 Turkish Amber Gallonms-37$43.77
MS-38 Fern Mist Gallonms-38$39.27
MS-39 Desert Yellow Gallonms-39$69.03
MS-41 Batik Blue Gallonms-41$72.55
MS-42 Speckled Moss Gallonms-42$47.29
MS-43 Amethyst Matte Gallonms-43$44.55
MS-44 Mottled Spice Gallonms-44$65.60
MS-46 Agate Gallonms-46$48.45
MS-47 Castile Blue Gallonms-47$46.89
MS-48 Rafia Gallonms-48$74.05
MS-49 Oasis Blue Gallonms-49$70.55
MS-50 Dutch Sprinkle Gallonms-50$55.27
MS-51 Pippin Green Gallonms-51$68.47
MS-52 Cerulean Galms-52$43.42
MS-54 Emeraude Gallonms-54$57.88
MS-55 Antique Gallonms-55$48.30
MS-57 Cappoccino Gallonms-57$55.25
MS-59 Walnutms-59$83.95
MS-60 Walnut Spice Gallonms-60$38.79
MS-62 Oatmeal Gallonms-62$38.30
MS-63 Colonial White Gallonms-63$73.60
MS-64 Sunflower Yellow Galms-64$76.53
MS-65 Rusty Orange Gallonms-65$86.95
MS-67 Clear Matte Gallonms-67$36.87
MS-68 Almond Galms-68$91.50
MS-71 French Blue Gallonms-71$78.10
MS-73 Grape Gallonms-73$80.70
MS-74 Spring Green Galms-74$71.00
MS-75 Chive Galms-75$41.56
MS-76 Sea Foam Greenms-76$55.50
MS-77 Jade Galms-77$47.65
MS-78 Forest Green Gallonms-78$44.35
MS-79 Alfred Blue Gallonms-79$52.90
MS-81 Wedgewood Blue Gallonms-81$48.90
MS-82 Sky Blue Gallonms-82$50.35
MS-83 Maroon Gallonms-83$71.82
MS-84 Sunflower Gallonms-84$52.63
MS-85 Peach Blush Gallonms-85$42.76
MS-91 Carnation Pink Gallonms-91$70.43
MS-94 High Gloss Black Gallonms-94$75.48
MS-95 Peacock Gallonms-95$43.97