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Duncan® Bisq-Stain® Opaque Acrylics

You don’t have to wait for a rainy day to capture the essence of a rainbow! With Duncan® Bisq-Stain® Opaque Acrylics, you can cover your pieces in a wealth of rich, vibrant colors that can be mixed to create even more tones, tints and shades.
Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics provide solid coverage for your pieces and are water-based for easy cleanup. Use them with stencils, sponging, drybrushing and other decorative painting techniques.

Duncan 01224
OS-431 White Stain 2ozOS 431$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-432 Ivory 2ozOS 432$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-433 Pale Yellow 2ozOS 433$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-434 Lemon Peel 2ozOS 434$2.05$1.64$1.43
OS-435 Dark YellowOS 435$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-436 Gold 2ozOS 436$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-438 Orange Peel 2ozOS 438$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-439 Hot Orange 2ozOS 439$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-441 Dresden Flesh 2ozOS 441$2.05$1.64$1.43
OS-443 Native Flesh 2oz.OS 443$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-444 Light Pink 2ozOS 444$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-446 Shocking Pink 2ozOS 446$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-449 Bright Red 2ozOS 449$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-450 Lilac 2ozOS 450$1.46$1.17$1.02
OS-452 Purple 2ozOS 452$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-453 Grape 2ozOS-453$1.46$1.17$1.02
OS-454 Rust 2ozOS 454$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-455 Holly Red 2ozOS 455$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-456 Baby Blue 2ozOS 456$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-457 Medium Blue 2ozOS 457$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-458 Wedgewood Blue 2ozOS 458$2.05$1.64$1.43
OS-459 Bright Blue 2ozOS 459$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-460 Navy 2ozOS 460$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-463 Medium Green 2ozOS 463$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-464 Bright Green 2ozOS 464$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-465 Holly Green 2oz.OS 465$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-466 Avocado 2ozOS 466$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-467 Light Brown 2ozOS 467$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-468 Deep Turquoise 2ozOS 468$1.46$1.17$1.02
OS-469 Light Turquoise 2ozOS 469$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-471 Medium Brown 2ozOS 471$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-472 Walnut 2ozOS 472$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-473 Black Brown Stain 2ozOS 473$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-474 Grey Stain 2ozOS 474$2.30$1.84$1.60
OS-475 Charcoal 2ozOS 475$2.30$1.84$1.60
OS-476 Black Stain 2oz.OS 476$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-480 Garnet 2ozOS 480$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-481 Cinnamon 2oz.OS 481$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-483 Real Red 2ozOS 483$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-484 PersimmonOS 484$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-485 French Vanilla 2ozOS 485$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-487 Olive Green 2ozOS 487$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-488 Christmas Green 2ozOS 488$2.11$1.68$1.47
OS-489 Saddle BrownOS 489$2.30$1.84$1.60
OS-491 Goldenrod 2oz.OS 491$2.11$1.68$1.47
OS-492 Angel FleshOS 492$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-495 Chocolate Fudge 2oz.OS 495$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-503 Barnyard Red 2oz.OS 503$2.35$1.88$1.64
OS-551 Cotton CandyOS 551$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-556 Lemon GrassOS 556$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-558 Miami Pink 2ozOS 558$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-559 Azalea 2ozOS 559$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-564 Pansy 2ozOS 564$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-565 Confederate Blue 2ozOS 565$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-568 Fire ThornOS 568$2.10$1.68$1.47
OS-569 Concord 2ozOS 569$1.46$1.17$1.02
OS-571 Curry 2ozOS 571$1.95$1.56$1.36
OS-586 Ultramarine 2ozOS 586$1.95$1.56$1.36