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Drill Tools

drill tool set

DR -4 is a cold rolled drill 1/4″.

DR – 2 is a high Carbon Drill 3/16″

Kemper Tools15102550
DR2 X 3/16" Drill Tool$4.09$3.17$2.86$2.40$2.24
DR4 X 1.4" Drill Tool$3.37$2.59$2.34$1.95$1.82
GBC Glaze & Bisque Cutter$4.74$3.66$3.30$2.76$2.58
MDT Multi Drill$3.27$2.53$2.29$1.92$1.79
SPD Salt & Pepper Drill$4.50$3.47$3.13$2.61$2.44