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Doo Woo Tools

Doo Woo Potter’s Tools, designed in the ancient style by Prof. Dong-Hun Chung of Won Kwang University in Korea, reflect ancient Korean pottery traditions in both their form and function. Hand-crafted with great care, each tool is a work of art in itself You won’t find more durable, functional and beautiful pottery tools anywhere!

Doo Woo Sets

doo woo tool set

doop woo mini tool set

Doo woo basic tools 1a

Doo Woo Tool Sets1510
Doo Woo Set 1-A Basic Tools$41.63$35.75$29.87
Doo Woo Set 1-A W Basic Tools Wood$39.52$33.91$28.30
Doo Woo Set 1-A-5 Mini Tool Set$20.19$17.36$14.53

Trimming Tools

doo woo trimming tools

Doo Woo Trimming Tools1510
Doo Woo Trimming 2-10$4.14$3.55$2.97
Doo Woo Trimming 2-4$4.13$3.54$2.95
Doo Woo Trimming 2-5$4.52$3.88$3.24
Doo Woo Trimming 2-8$4.23$3.64$3.04
Doo Woo Trimming 2-9$4.51$3.87$3.23

Other Tools

doo woo ongi tools

doo woo more

Doo Woo Tools1510
Doo Woo 1-3$4.12$3.54$2.95
Doo Woo 1-5 Needle BLUE$2.80$2.40$2.01
Doo Woo 1-8$14.80$12.69$10.59
Doo Woo 2-14$2.39$2.05$1.71
Doo Woo Dagger 4-2 Ongi$6.51$5.58$4.65
Doo Woo Dagger 4-2B$6.11$5.32$4.53
Doo Woo Needle 1-5$3.77$3.24$2.71
Doo Woo Needle/Trimming 1-7-B$4.13$3.54$2.96
Doo Woo Paddle 2-1$11.76$10.12$8.47
Doo Woo Paddle Scoop 2-3$14.88$12.80$10.72


doo woo rib tools

Another “common” tool with a unique design, this rib features concave and convex curves in two sizes as well as a variety of “corners” for a multitude of clay shaping options. Smoothly finished and sealed, with edges sharp enough to move cleanly over the clay surface but not too sharp to hold.

Doo Woo Ribs1510
Doo Woo Rib 1-1$1.92$1.64$1.37
Doo Woo Rib 2-15$5.71$4.90$4.10
Doo Woo Rib 2-15-B$4.09$3.51$2.92
Doo Woo Rib 4-4$8.78$7.53$6.28
Doo Woo Rib 4-6$3.31$2.84$2.37
Doo Woo Rib 4-6-B$2.74$2.36$1.97
Doo Woo Rib plastic 1-4$2.08$1.79$1.49