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Doll & Porcelain Slips

Laguna Fine Ferro filtered Porcelain Slips are ideal for dolls and other high-end porcelain applications. These Cone 5-6 liquid slips are carefully screened and ferro filtered for exceptional purity. The three white variations are semi-translucent.

Laguna Doll Slips 1 gal4 gal10 gal50 gal
Doll Slip African American ^6doll slip African american$23.88$18.13$16.40$15.25
Doll Slip Antique White ^6Doll slip Antique white$14.32$10.97$9.97$9.30
Doll Slip Asian ^6doll slip asian$14.91$11.36$10.30$9.59
Doll Slip Cameroon ^6doll slip cameroon$27.00$20.48$18.52$17.22
Doll Slip Cool Blush ^6doll slip cool blush$15.72$12.02$10.91$10.17
Doll Slip Creole ^6doll slip creole$19.08$15.23$14.07$13.30
Doll Slip Desert Beige ^6doll slip dessert beige$16.31$12.41$11.24$10.46
Doll Slip Frost White ^6Doll slip Frost White$15.95$12.60$11.60$10.93
Doll Slip Native American ^6doll slip native american$15.45$11.75$10.64$9.90
Doll Slip Very White ^6Doll slip very white$14.35$10.98$9.96$9.29
Doll Slip Warm Blush ^6doll slip warm blush$16.28$12.43$11.27$10.50
Doll Slip Warm Brown ^6doll slip warm brown$19.11$14.51$13.13$12.21