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Designer Velvet Underglazes

Designer Velvet Underglazes have the same qualities of the Velvet Underglaze series with the addition
of small specks, giving the surface a unique texture.



Designer Velvet Underglazes1-1112-2324
DV-3316 Speckled Pink$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3320 Desert Verbena$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3334 Sand Dune$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3360 Feather White$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3367 Tumble Weed$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3368 Phoenix Ivory$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3374 Painted Desert$3.25$2.45$2.29
DV-3308 Desert Sun$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3325 Desert Sky$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3327 Turquoise Stone$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3328 Fossil Gray$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3354 Cactus Green$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3369 Sandstorm$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3371 Rosy Mauve$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3372 Desert Grass$3.24$2.44$2.28
DV-3302 Canyon Beige$3.00$2.26$2.12