Belated Valentine's Date Night
Rescheduled to Feb 25 5-8pm. because of Storm Orson.
Session 2 Classes Begin February 27th
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Sodium Silicate
Sodium SilicatePrice
Sodium SilicatePrice
5 Galllons$40.89
Calculating Specific Gravity
Calculating Specific GravityPrice
Calculating Specific GravityPrice
Hydrometer 6"$20.80
Hydrometer 11.5"$21.61
Glass Viscometer$26.77
Viscosity Cup$15.86
Rubber Bands
Rubber Bands15122448100+
Rubber Bands15122448100+
Rubber Bands 4"Full Bag $13.54$12.35 $11.55$10.36$9.73$9.41
Rubber Bands 6"Full Bag$13.80$12.60$11.81$10.62$9.98 $9.66
Rubber Bands 7" Full Bag$14.19$13.00$12.20$11.01$10.38 $10.06
Rubber Bands 8" Full Bag$13.54$12.34$11.55$10.34 $9.72$9.39
Rubber Bands 9"Full Bag$13.52 $12.33$11.54 $10.34$9.71$9.39
Rubber Bands Full Bag Asst.$13.73$21.53 $11.74 $10.55 $9.91$9.59