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Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™

Upscale art is easily achievable with Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™, a line of self-antiquing matte-finish glazes. Whether brushed, spritzed or sponged onto bisque, the rich colors transform in the kiln to produce spectacular works of art. Duncan® Courtyard Art Glazes™ are one of the easiest glazes to use, allowing every skill level to achieve professional results.

Colors are available in 4-oz. jars


Duncan CY 01224
CY-102 4oz Courtyard Sagebrushcy 102$2.81$2.25$1.97
CY-103 4oz Desert Pinecy 103$3.75$3.00$2.62
CY-104 4oz Mediteran Olivecy 104$4.36$3.48$3.04
CY-108 4oz Cactus Sandcy 108$4.21$3.36$2.93
CY-110 4oz Iron Orecy 110$4.21$3.36$2.93
CY-112 4oz Saddle Clovecy 112$4.21$3.36$2.93
CY-113 4oz Hearthstonecy 113$4.45$3.55$3.10
CY-116 4oz Lava Slatecy 116$4.21$3.36$2.93
CY-117 Sand 4ozcy 117$2.81$2.25$1.97
CY-118 Pumpkin Spice 4ozcy 118$4.36$3.48$3.04
CY-119 Golden Horizon 4ozcy 119$4.36$3.47$3.03
CY-120 Harvest Plains 4ozcy 120$3.75$3.00$2.62
CY-122 Rustic Sunset 4ozcy 122$4.36$3.48$3.04
CY-124 Fireluster 4ozcy 124$3.75$3.00$2.62