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Clean Up Tools

Cleanup Tools present a variety of shapes and sizes of blades to accommodate the ordinary as well as the intricate cleanup job. All blades are made from high quality stainless steel with a double edge keenly sharpened. B3 is the top cleanup tool in the picture. K23 is the middle cleanup tool in the picture. K24 is the bottom cleanup tool in the picture.

clean up tools 1

BB X$3.85$2.97$2.68$2.24$2.10
DB X Greenware Brush$4.68$3.63$3.28$2.76$2.58
DBS X$3.26$2.51$2.26$1.89$1.77
DBSL Ball Stylus Lg.$3.46$2.67$2.41$2.01$1.88
DBSS X$3.18$2.45$2.21$1.85$1.72
K-20 X Recess Smoother$4.25$3.32$3.02$2.56$2.40
K-23 X Clean Up Tool$3.49$2.70$2.44$2.04$1.91
K-24 X Clean Up Tool$3.67$2.83$2.55$2.13$1.99