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Celebration Glazes – Cone 5

Celebration Glazes are a beautiful group of bright pastel colors that are colorful on all different types of clay bodies.
HF Celeb Series


HF Celebration Pints – Cone 5/6
HF Celebrartion Glaze1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
HF Celebrartion Glaze1-1112-2324-4748-9899+
HF-115 Light Gray Pt$15.86$12.00$11.23$10.45$9.53
HF-120 Dark Blue Pt$24.16$18.17$16.97$15.77$14.34
HF-125 Turquoise Pt$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.71$7.93
HF-128 Teal Pt.$17.25$13.02$12.17$11.32$10.30
HF-129 Baby Blue$13.20$9.96$9.31$8.67$7.89
HF-134 Straw Pt.$12.68$9.57$8.95$8.32$7.58
HF-140 Green Pt.$11.23$8.49$7.94$7.39 $6.73
HF-142 Chartreuse Pt.$17.29$13.05$12.20$11.36$10.34
HF-159 Burgundy Pt$16.96$12.72$11.87$11.03$10.01
HF-161 Bright Yellow Pt.$17.22$12.98$12.13$11.29$10.27
HF-164 Pink Pt.$13.28$10.04$9.40$8.75$7.97
HF-165 Scarlet Red Pt.$24.28$18.29$17.09$15.89$14.46
HF-166 Orangerie Pt.$24.22$18.24$17.04$15.84$14.40
HF-167 Clementine Pt$24.21$18.23$17.03$15.83$14.39
HF-170 Lilac Pt.$17.21$12.97$12.12$11.28$10.26
HF-171 Amethyst Pt.$24.24$18.25$17.05$15.85$14.42