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amaco celadon glaze

Lead Free Cone 5-6 “C” Celadon High Fire Glazes for Bisque

Transparent gloss glazes formulated to be 100% mixable.
Create your own “Celadon”. (Use Mixing Clear to soften color tones.)

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Thin with water and AMACO® Gum Solution if needed. Apply 3 coats of glaze to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.) Glaze fire to Cone 5-6.

Celadons are transparent gloss glazes formulated to be 100% mixable. Create your own “Celadon” from a palette of 17 hues. (Use Mixing Clear to soften color tones.)

Available in liquid pints and class packs.

amaco celadon one
amaco celadon 2
amaco celadon 3


Celadon Pints112244899
C-1P Obsidian$13.36$10.12$9.47$8.82$8.05
C-3P Smoke$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71$7.94
C-5P Charcoal$13.23$9.99$9.35$8.70$7.92
C-10P Snow$13.23$10.00$9.35$8.70$7.92
C-11P Clear$13.25$10.01$9.37$8.72$7.94
C-19P Glacier$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.71$7.93
C-20P Cobalt$13.22$9.99$9.34$8.69$7.91
C-21P Sky$13.22$9.98$9.33$8.69$7.91
C-22P Fog$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.70$7.92
C-23P Ice$13.22$9.99$9.34$8.69$7.91
C-25P Downpour$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71$7.94
C-27P Storm$13.23$9.99$9.35$8.70$7.92
C-29P Deep Sea$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71$7.94
C-32P Ochre$13.27$10.03$9.39$8.74$7.96
C-36P Iron$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.72$7.94
C-40P Aqua$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.71$7.94
C-41P Pear$13.21$9.97$9.33$8.68$7.90
C-43P Wasabi$13.23$9.99$9.35$8.70$7.92
C-47P Jade$13.26$10.02$9.37$8.73$7.95
C-49P Rainforest$13.22$9.98$9.33$8.69$7.91
C-50P Cherry Blossom$13.25$10.01$9.36$8.72$7.94
C-53P Weeping Plum$13.21$9.98$9.33$8.68$7.90
C-55P Poppy$13.25$10.02$9.37$8.72$7.94
C-56P Lavender$13.22$9.98$9.33$8.68$7.91
C-60P Marigold$13.24$10.00$9.35$8.70$7.93
C-65P Tangelo$13.22$9.98$9.33$8.68$7.91

Celadon Gallons112244899
C-1 Obsidian Gallon$64.48$48.98$45.88$42.78$39.06
C-10 Snow Gallon$64.66$49.16$46.06$42.96$39.24
C-11 Clear Gallon$64.70$49.20$46.10$43.00$39.28
C-20 Cobalt Gallon$64.78$49.28$46.18$43.08$39.36
C-21 Sky Gallon$64.78$49.28$46.18$43.08$39.36
C-27 Storm Gallon$64.72$49.22$46.12$43.02$39.30

Celadon Dry 10lb Bucket1
C-1 Obsidian 10lb Dry$78.73
C-10 Snow 10lb Dry$75.90
C-11 Clear 10lb Dry$75.00
C-20 Cobalt 10lb Dry$75.00
C-21 Sky 10lb Dry$76.65
C-22 Fog 10lb Dry$75.00
C-23 Ice 10lb Dry$75.93
C-27 Storm 10lb Dry$77.85
C-36 Iron 10lb Dry$75.00
C-40 Aqua 10lb Dry$77.77
C-41 Pear 10lb Dry$75.00
C-43 Wasabi 10lb Dry$75.00
C-47 Jade 10lb Dry$75.00
C-49 Rainforest 10lb Dry$75.00
C-50 Cherry Blossom 10lb Dry$75.00
C-53 Weeping Plum 10lb Dry$77.85
C-56 Lavender 10lb Dry$75.00
C-60 Marigold 10lb Dry$75.00