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Gare Bumpy Doodles

Gare Bumpy Doodles Bumpy Doodles are a raised glaze, applied with an applicator bottle and writer tip. Apply to mature bisque, greenware or over an unfired glaze. They are available in 8 bright, opaque colors. They will not run or bleed and are great for giving that personal touch to any project. Bumpy Doodles Instructions


Bumpy Doodles Instructions

Product Preparation: Shake well, downward toward the tip. Squeeze on a paper towel to remove air bubbles. Hold the tip slightly above the surface to apply.

Ware Preparation: Apply to greenware, shelf cone 04 bisque, over or under a unfired glaze. When applying to bisque, sponge ware to remove dust.

Brush or Tool: Applicator tip or brush.

Application: Use to personalize items, detail patterns, kid’s projects. Apply with a brush for larger raised areas.

Firing Range: When applied to greenware fire to shelf cone 04. When applied to bisque, over or under a glaze fire to shelf cone 06.

Packaging: 2 oz. Squeeze bottles.

Possible Problems: Flat Bumpy Doodles- Can occur when over-fired.

Bumpy Doodles bleed– To heavy an application of Clear Glaze. Smudged when clear glaze applied over top. Always use a soft brush to apply glaze or dip into GG 1700 or NTG 9000 Dipping Glaze.