Portland Pottery Supply and Cafe will CLOSE EARLY Saturday, June 24th for a Private Event
Special Hours: 9am-11am
Our Braintree location will be CLOSED Saturday, June 24th

Brush Set 1174 Goat Hair LH 3Pk$4.89$4.42$3.72$3.25$2.97
Brush Set 1176 Angle Bristle 3PkBrush Set 1176$4.89$4.42$3.72$3.25$2.97
Brush Set 2020brush set 2020$2.43$2.19$1.83$1.59$1.45
Brush set 2044 4pcbrush set 2044$6.51$5.87$4.89$4.24$3.85
Brush Set 102 Power setbrush set 102$4.96$3.29$2.84$2.57$2.25
Brush set 2196 3pc$5.35$3.53$3.05$2.75$2.41
Brush Set 2197 3pc$5.35$3.54$3.06$2.76$2.42
Brush Set 2207 5pcbrush set 2207$8.01$5.29$4.57$4.12$3.61
Brush Set 2213 7pc$10.66$7.03$6.07$5.47$4.79
Brush Set 2215 8pc$10.66$7.03$6.07$5.47$4.79