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Set a stunning, one-of-a-kind table using Duncan’s pristine bisque and your creativity. Whatever your style, whatever your mood, our collections will satisfy your creative appetite! Choose from simpler, classic-looking collections like Coupe and Rimmed, or the Wine and Dine collection for a more artistic vibe. And for serving up that afternoon or after-dinner brew, personalize your own tea set from our Tea Time collection … the perfect complement to any meal!



Bowls 16122448100
Bisque 21425 Rimmed Pasta Bowl 8.75x2$3.80$3.23$2.94$2.66$2.38$2.24
Bisque 21428 Coupe Pasta Bowl 7.75x2.5$4.54$3.86$3.52$3.18$2.84$2.68
Bisque 21446 Cereal Bowl 6.25x3.2 12/case$3.50$2.97$2.71$2.45$2.19$2.06
Bisque 21449 Chip and Dip$7.42$6.31$5.75$5.19$4.64$4.38
Bisque 21451 Pet Dish Lg 8.5x3.25$6.04$5.13$4.68$4.23$3.77$3.56
Bisque 21452 Pet Dish Sm 6.25x2.25$3.82$3.25$2.96$2.67$2.39$2.25
Bisque 21670 Rimmed Serving Bowl 11x3$7.96$6.77$6.17$5.57$4.97$4.70
Bisque 21671 Coupe Serving Bowl 11x3$7.42$6.31$5.75$5.19$4.64$4.38
Bisque 21686 Asian Rice Bowl 4.25x4.25x2.5$2.34$1.99$1.81$1.64$1.46$1.38
Bisque 21781 Square Bowl Mini 4.5x4.5x2.5$2.54$2.16$1.97$1.78$1.59$1.50
Bisque 22698 Condiments Bowl 4x4x2 16/case$1.90$1.61$1.47$1.33$1.19$1.12
Bisque 23886 Harmony Bowl 7x4.75x2$2.98$2.53$2.31$2.09$1.86$1.76
Bisque 26139 Star Bowl$4.14$3.52$3.21$2.90$2.59$2.44
Bisque 27160 Seasonal Soup Bowl$4.46$3.79$3.46$3.12$2.79$2.63
Bisque 27161 Seasonal Blooms Dessert Bowl$2.48$2.11$1.92$1.74$1.55$1.46
Bisque 28571 Wavy Ice Cream Dish$4.24$3.60$3.29$2.97$2.65$2.50
Bisque 28572 Short Ice Cream Dish$4.24$3.60$3.29$2.97$2.65$2.50
Bisque 29064 Shell Bowl SM$5.20$4.42$4.03$3.64$3.25$3.07
Bisque 29202 Sugar Bowl$4.46$3.79$3.46$3.12$2.79$2.63
Bisque 30616 Small Heart bowl -nesting$3.48$2.96$2.70$2.44$2.17$2.05
Bisque 30617 Med Heart Bowl -nesting$6.36$5.41$4.93$4.45$3.98$3.75
Bisque 30631 Sm. Condiment Container 3.75x3.75$4.24$3.60$3.29$2.97$2.65$2.50
Bisque 31218 Scalloped Bowl 6x2.75$3.28$2.79$2.54$2.30$2.05$1.94
Bisque 31224 Popcorn Bowl 10.75x5$9.06$7.70$7.02$6.34$5.66$5.35
Bisque 31225 Shallow Serving Bowl 12.25x4$11.42$9.71$8.85$7.99$7.14$6.74
Bisque 31507 Mixing Bowl Sm. 7x3.5$6.16$5.24$4.77$4.31$3.85$3.63
Bisque 31508 Mixing Bowl Med 8x4.5$7.72$6.56$5.98$5.40$4.83$4.55
Bisque 31509 Mixing Bowl Lg. 9x4.75$9.16$7.79$7.10$6.41$5.72$5.40
Bisque 31510 Stackable Bowl 6x2.75$4.14$3.52$3.21$2.90$2.59$2.44
Bisque 35066 Pottery Bowl$4.20$3.57$3.26$2.94$2.63$2.48
Bisque 35380 Sm Geometric Bowl 5.85x3$4.70$4.00$3.64$3.29$2.94$2.77
Bisque 35381 Med. Goemetric Bowl 8x4.5 6/case$7.00$5.95$5.43$4.90$4.38$4.13
Bisque 37470 Small Squrve Bowl 6.8x6.8x2.4$4.70$4.00$3.64$3.29$2.94$2.77
Bisque 37471 Med Squrve Bowl 7.9x7.9x3.4$7.60$6.46$5.89$5.32$4.75$4.48