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Set a stunning, one-of-a-kind table using Duncan’s pristine bisque and your creativity. Whatever your style, whatever your mood, our collections will satisfy your creative appetite! Choose from simpler, classic-looking collections like Coupe and Rimmed, or the Wine and Dine collection for a more artistic vibe. And for serving up that afternoon or after-dinner brew, personalize your own tea set from our Tea Time collection … the perfect complement to any meal!



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Bisque 21425 Rimmed Pasta Bowl 8.75x2"$3.70$3.15$2.87$2.59$2.31$2.18
Bisque 21428 Coupe Pasta Bowl 7.75x2.5$4.30$3.65$3.33$3.01$2.69$2.54
Bisque 21446 Cereal Bowl 6.25x3.2"$3.40$2.89$2.63$2.38$2.13$2.01
Bisque 21449 Chip and Dip$7.00$5.95$5.43$4.90$4.38$4.13
Bisque 21670 Rimmed Serving Bowl 11x3"$7.50$6.38$5.81$5.25$4.69$4.42
Bisque 21671 Coupe Serving Bowl 11x3"$7.00$5.95$5.43$4.90$4.38$4.13
Bisque 21682 Teardrop Bowl Med. 8x6.75x3"$4.60$3.91$3.56$3.22$2.88$2.71
Bisque 21683 Teardrop Bowl Sm. 6x4.5x2.25"$2.80$2.38$2.17$1.96$1.75$1.65
Bisque 21686 Asian Rice Bowl 4.25x4.25x2.5"$2.20$1.87$1.71$1.54$1.38$1.30
Bisque 21768 Provence Serving Bowl 11x3"$8.00$6.80$6.20$5.60$5.00$4.72
Bisque 21781 Square Bowl Mini 4.5x4.5x2.5"$2.40$2.04$1.86$1.68$1.50$1.42
Bisque 21782 Square Bowl Large 11.25x11.25x3"$8.60$7.31$6.67$6.02$5.38$5.07
Bisque 23886 Harmony Bowl 7x4.75x2"$2.60$2.21$2.02$1.82$1.63$1.53
Bisque 26139 Star Bowl$3.90$3.31$3.02$2.73$2.44$2.30
Bisque 27160 Seasonal Soup Bowl$4.20$3.57$3.26$2.94$2.63$2.48
Bisque 27161 Seasonal Blooms Dessert Bowl$2.40$2.04$1.86$1.68$1.50$1.42
Bisque 29062 Shell Bowl LG$6.60$5.61$5.12$4.62$4.13$3.89
Bisque 29063 Shell Bowl MED$5.60$4.76$4.34$3.92$3.50$3.30
Bisque 29064 Shell Bowl SM$4.90$4.17$3.80$3.43$3.06$2.89
Bisque 29202 Sugar Bowl$4.20$3.57$3.26$2.94$2.63$2.48
Bisque 29870 Simpicity Bowl$2.90$2.45$2.20$2.00$1.80$1.70
Bisque 30616 Small Heart bowl -nesting$3.30$2.80$2.56$2.31$2.06$1.95
Bisque 30617 Med Heart Bowl -nesting$6.00$5.10$4.65$4.20$3.75$3.54
Bisque 30618 Lg Heart Bowl -nesting$7.10$6.04$5.50$4.97$4.44$4.19
Bisque 31218 Scalloped Bowl 6x2.75$3.10$2.63$2.40$2.17$1.94$1.83
Bisque 31224 Popcorn Bowl 10.75x5$8.80$7.48$6.82$6.16$5.50$5.19
Bisque 31225 Shallow Serving Bowl 12.25x4$10.76$9.15$8.34$7.53$6.72$6.35
Bisque 31507 Mixing Bowl Sm. 7x3.5$5.80$4.93$4.50$4.06$3.63$3.42
Bisque 31508 Mixing Bowl Med 8x4.5$7.50$6.238$5.81$5.25$4.69$4.42
Bisque 31509 Mixing Bowl Lg. 9x4.75$8.90$7.56$6.90$6.23$5.56$5.25
Bisque 31510 Stackable Bowl 6x2.75"$3.85$3.30$3.00$2.75$2.45$2.30