Thanksgiving Hours
Both Supply Stores will be closing at 5:00 PM on Wednesday
Portland Location: Closed Thursday — Braintree: Closed Thursday-Sunday

Kids Birthday Parties


Celebrate your birthday at Portland Pottery! You and your friends can create in a celebratory fashion. A teacher will give a lesson so that all your friends can make a pot. Then you throw on the potter’s wheel! Next all of you will help decorate a large bowl for the birthday boy or girl, or choose to work with the beads and metals to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Activities for younger kids are also available. Cakes and Refreshments are available from Portland Pottery Cafe. If there is a specific theme you have in mind please let us know!

Length of Party: 2 hours (accommodations can be made for longer or shorter parties if desired)


Mexo(Non Firing Clay): $18 per person. Minimum Charge is $105.*

Low fire: $20 per person. Minimum charge is $120*(we clear glaze)

*Due to the cost of materials there is a minimum charge for Birthday parties with 6 or less people.

Fired Clay

$20/child. We use a low-fire clay to make the pots and paint them with underglazes. After the party we let them dry out and fire them in a kiln* (please allow 2 weeks for finished product). These pots will be food, dishwasher and microwave safe. These pots will be fun to make and will also be useful additions to your home.