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Bead Tree’s

Bead Rack Amaco Horizontalpair21.3319.3218.0616.8115.93
Bead Rack Amaco Uprightpair48.4543.8540.9738.136.08
Bead Rack Replace. Wires Upright and Horiz. (Set of 4 6")1/2 doz32.9129.7527.7725.7924.41
Bead Tree (Amaco)ea19.62
Bead Tree (Carolex) Sold as Set (2 Column 6 Bar)ea30.4227.5425.7423.9422.68
Bead Tree Bars Carolex 9 gaugeea3.453.132.932.732.59
Bead Tree Replace Wires (Amaco) 12 ct.ea9.458.5687.457.06