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Artist’s Choice Glazes (A) – Cone 05

Special effects Cone 05 oxidation glazes that imitate high fire reduction stoneware. Great on red earthenware


Artist’s Choice Pints – Cone 05
Artist's Choice 0122448
A-22 Aztec Turquoise Pta22$11.09$8.41$7.87$7.33
A-24 Exotic Blue Pta24$11.09$8.40$7.86$7.32
A-28 Peacock Pt.a28$11.09$8.40$7.86$7.32
A-32 Iron Saturate Pt.a32$11.08$8.39$7.86$7.32
A-34 Sand Bar Pta34$11.03$8.34$7.80$7.26
A-40 Seafoam Pt.a40$11.09$8.40$7.86$7.32
A-43 Green Float Pt.a43$11.03$8.34$7.80$7.26
A-52 Old Brick Pta52$15.20$11.47$10.72$9.97
A-61 Moss Brown Pta61$15.24$11.50$10.75$10.00
A-62 Camel Pta62$11.10$8.41$7.87$7.33
A-66 Burnt Orange Pta66$15.24$11.50$10.75$10.01