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April Vacation Camp 2018

2018 Camp will be held April 16-20

The first 4 classes are $15 each. All ceramic pieces will be glazed and fired. 
*Ages 8 and up for Rings of Silver & Glass Pendants and $20 per class due to material costs.

Kids Classes

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Workshops for Kids ages 6-14


APRIL VACATION CAMP 2018: Class Descriptions

Pottery Wheel: Learn how to throw pots on the potter’s wheel. Experienced instructor’s will demonstrate throwing techniques and assist students individually. Pottery will be made out of self hardening clay which can be painted when dry. Pots made in this class are NOT FOOD SAFE.

Painted Planters: Students will have the chance to carve/decorate hand thrown planters. We will teach them about texturing and additive techniques. The students will have time to use our underglazes to paint their pots. These pots will be fired and ready for pick up at the end of the week and ready for the spring planting season.

Garden Painting: Students will have the chance to create beautiful paintings inspired by the garden. They will use a mixture of watercolor and acrylic to create these paintings.

Fairy Houses: Working in mixed media campers will create original, fun and entertaining fairy house sculptures for the garden. Plants, birds, bugs and the weather will be the inspiration for a variety of sculptural pieces

Rings of Silver: Create your own sterling silver ring! Use metalsmithing equipment and learn how for metal wire, solder and polish. This is a great metalsmithing class for boys and girls. Ages 8 and up. Cost for this class is $20.

Glass Pendants: Students will work with a glass artists to create pendants from colored glass. In this workshop they will cover glass cutting and polishing. The students will assemble projects which will then be fused in our kiln. Parents they will be ready for pick up on the last day of camp or the following week, Cost for this class is $20.

Beading: Kids will learn the art of beaded jewelry using an assortment of beads and pendants including glass, stone and synthetic beads. Through design and instruction, students will create a matching set of one of a kind jewelry

Bird Sculptures: Create your bird out of clay and other mixed media, Make a bird creation and let your imagination run wild, Sculptures will be ready to take home that day and may be painted when dry

Sea Creatures: Sculpt starfish octopus, fish & more out of clay! Learn about texture, size, patterns and the creatures from the sea. Students will have a small menagerie of ocean life. Sculptures will be ready to take home that day and may be painted when dry.

Wire Insects: Spring is the time for creepy crawlers to make their appearance. This class will allow the student to learn the basics of wire sculpting and forming while using found objects and clay beads to create colorful and unique insects!