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Alligator Textured Glazes – LT Series – Cone 05

Alligator Textured Glazes will highling the texture of your low fire clay surfaces.
LT Series


Alligator Glazes Pints – Cone 05
Alligator Texture Glazes112244899
LT-3P Old Pewter Pt$21.63$16.30$15.23$14.17$12.89
LT-12P Speckled Green$16.89$12.83$12.02$11.20$10.23
LT-13P Dalmation$16.73$12.67$11.85$11.04$10.07
LT-15P Speckled Blue Gray$16.65$12.59$11.78$10.96$9.99
LT-16P Green Stone$16.58$12.51$11.70$10.89$9.91
LT-17P Liana Gray$21.61$16.29$15.22$14.16$12.88
LT-22P Tahitian Blue$16.56$12.50$11.69$10.88$9.90
LT-34P Antique Brown$21.77$16.45$15.38$14.32$13.04
LT-48P Moss Agate$21.47$16.15$15.08$14.02$12.74
LT-132P Jewel Brown$16.55$12.49$11.68$10.86$9.89
LT-147P Yellow Green$21.80$16.48$15.41$14.35$13.07
LT-161P Tiger Eye$21.62$16.29$15.23$14.16$12.88
LT-166P Mottled Orange$21.46$16.13$15.07$14.00$12.72