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Hands-on glazing workshops for Art Teachers and Clay Artists focusing on expanding participants’ options for using AMACO glaze and underglazes. Participants may register for either session or both!

Taught by Diana Faris (MFA)

This class is all about experimentation with Cone 5-6 commercial glazes to achieve more personalized surfaces in an electric kiln. Participants will paint, layer and test a variety of different AMACO products, pushing the limits of results that can be achieved in oxidation. Focus will be on the new Shino glazes as well as the Celadon, Satin Matte and Potters Choice (PC) glazes and layering. Stoneware test tiles or sample pieces should be brought for glazing.
Different types of glazes and underglazes will be presented and explored. Each participant will experiment with liquid, semi-moist, pencil as well as chalk underglazes to draw and paint on bisque. They will also each create and use paper stencils to print images on clay surfaces using Teachers Palette glazes. Each participant will receive two 6”x6” low-fire bisque tiles to glaze, but are encouraged to bring their own low-fire clay test tiles or small pieces to decorate.

May 11&12 in Portland, Maine:

  • Session 1: Wed 4-7pm – Low-Fire Glazes & Underglazes
  • session 2: Thurs 9am-12pm – Mid/High Fire Glazes
  • Session 3: Thurs 1pm-4pm -Mid/High Fire Glazes

May 13&14 In Braintree, Massachusetts:

  • Session 1: Friday 4-7pm – Low-Fire & Underglazes
  • Session 2: Saturday 9-12pm – Mid/High Fire Glazes
  • Session 3: Saturday 1-4pm Mid/High Fire Glazes